That was a very interesting story. I read the entire thing thinking that it was your student that wrote the article and that the furry shark thing was a joke. It was a scream. But I guess it’s true!? What a riot.

I’ve been really busy (surprise) with studying and have actually made a little more progress on my pond. I developed a herniated disc in my neck last week and could literally hardly move for two days. It took me 10 minutes and some Olympic level gymnastics to get dressed in the morning. From the research I did online there isn’t much docotors can do about it. I’m much better now, although I still have to be careful how I move. Now the rest of me is sore from holding myself in such unatural positions all day. I think herniated discs might be stress induced. I’ve had headaches for the first time in ages, too. Part of the stupid stress is financial. I was retarded to try and start these classes this semester. My budget was already tight and now I’ve got $900 bills every month from Iowa State. I think tomorrow my first check ever will bounce. No pressure or anything to do well in the classes so that at least I’ll get reimbursed by Rockwell Collins in January. I also filed an insurance claim for my fence. I’m sure my rates will go up but they’re bound to anyway after this and I could use the money towards school instead of the fence. I have a $1400 deductable though, so I might not get anything for it.

Driving anywhere is still a pain since about half the lights are out and most gas stations are closed or sell out of gas as soon as they get new shipments. There are still 1000s of people without power including some businesses. Thankfully Ivan doesn’t show any signs of heading this way so I went out and stocked up on real food again. I bought a blender so that I can make smoothies. I have papayas coming out of my ears but still can’t eat them fast enough. I heard they make a pretty good salad green so I’ll have to try that too… Maybe substitute for avocado in guacamole!?

Embry-Riddle is closed for hurricane repairs all this week. Crazy, the poor freshmen.

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