Hello everyone. No big news to report. We’ve just been enjoying the weekend, and I wanted to check in with everyone. Nessa is smiling so much these days. It is so much fun for us. She smiles at most of the people we meet, and loves it when we talk with her. The boys also enjoy talking to her and watching her animated reactions. She is continuing to sleep through the nights very well. Last night she set a personal record by sleeping from 10:45 to 7:00. During the days she continues to want to eat every two or two and half hours. 🙂 We have decided not to try to push her much during the day to spread out her feedings. So long as she keeps sleeping through the night, we don’t want to mess with the schedule too much. 🙂 But she is eating faster and is typically a little pro at finishing her meals in a timely manner. So hopefully she will start to let is spread out a little on her own before long. Elizabeth and I are so often happy and thankful for how wonderful things have turned out after the discouraging start that we had. We are so thankful for all of the help and support that we got from each us you as Nessa was learning to nurse. It is wonderful to be enjoying these days and watching her thrive. We are starting to use Deb’s digital video camera to try and capture some of her “talking” and smiling. She does it so much, but it is really hard to catch it on camera. She is always immediately aware of the camera and seems to take it very seriously. We have a hard time trying to film steadily while peering around the camera and talking to her. 🙂 But we are getting some little snippets.

You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

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