Monday morning, September 6, 2004


I know there is no way you can read or see this blog today, and probably not for several days to come, but I have to write to try to alleviate the feeling of helplessness that comes from communication being cut off. Perhaps I’m counting on your psychic ability to read this without internet access. Anyway it makes me FEEL like I am talking to you!

I can’t help myself. I am on the verge of getting in the car and driving south, getting as close to Maywood Ave in Palm Bay, Florida as I can drive, and walking the rest of the way to see if you are ok. Being cut off from all forms of communication makes one feel so helpless and more prone to worry. I can’t stop wondering, truth is, worrying, about you. Daddy and I were both awake a lot on Saturday night, after I called you around 11pm. We prayed for you throughout the night. I can’t believe I said so stupidly and blithely, “I’ll call you back at 7am and see how you faired through the night.” Somehow I just didn’t anticipate the total break in communication. We tried your number many times yesterday and will continue to try. We called your church this morning, at least what I assume is your church, I couldn’t remember if I’d ever heard you mention the name. We left a phone message with them. We called the Beisners and checked on them and also asked them to try the local Florida emergency numbers to try to check on you because we couldn’t access them. They tried. The shelters in your area were without phone as well. I saw on news that the roof blew off of a school that was serving as a shelter to hundreds of people.

The news has been so conflicting regarding how much damage was done in Palm Bay. Sometimes it seems minimal and other times quite serious. I saw a news broadcaster on TV standing in Palm Bay yesterday with her microphone and she said about four words and got garbled and disappeared and they had no more contact with her. The streets look way too flooded to have you out and driving around. Unless that is just the media finding the worst and making it look that way. Now little isolated deaths caused by Hurricane Frances are drifting in and driving me crazy thinking of you alone in a house on a street mostly all evacuated, how long it would be before someone discovered you on Maywood Ave., off the beaten path if you were trapped or hurt??!!

I wish we had come up with some creative plan for communication some how. Short wave radio? Not sure what…. Maybe something like the signals that passed along the mountain tops from Gondor to Rohan?…

SO, I hope your psyche is telling you, loud and clear, that as soon ever as it is safe to make your way out of your house and find a working telephone or send a telegram or get at a computer that still has power, PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE saying you are alive! I pray that you are ok.

As soon as I know YOU are fine, then I can start caring whether your house, car, or trees suffered damage, not to mention everyone else’s houses, cars, trees, and children!

I don’t know if I’ll make it through all of today without calling the police and sending them to check on you or getting in the car myself.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you are fine and enjoying rice, potatoes, bath tub water, and the sense of having survived another interesting experience. I hope you and Wanda the pig and other neighborhood survivors are out frolicking in breathtaking puddles and helping little old ladies even as I am praying for you now.

I’m sure everyone is praying for you and waiting anxiously to hear from you….

Love mom.

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