Elizabeth, you’re welcome :). We hoped the wrapping job would survive being mailed. The guy at the post office looked at it funny and said, “Well, I guess I’ll let you try to send it.”

This morning Joel and I were taking a walk, and Sonya was trotting along with us. Suddenly we saw the fence beside the road going crazy, and shaking wildly. Joel realized what it was, “There’s a fawn that can’t jump over the fence and keeps trying and crashing into it.” It was a wire fence, about four or five feet tall. It was sort of a large mesh- the squares the wire formed were maybe 6×6 inches, and it had a single strand of barb wire at the top. It turned out that there were two fawns. Their mother had evidently jumped the fence and the fawns were desperately trying to follow her and run away from us. Each of them would jump hard at the fence, crash into it, bounce back, run a few feet left or right and try again in another spot. It was really sad to see them so desperate and probably hurting themselves. Sonya saw a rare opportunity. She chases deer frequently, but never is able to come even a little close to them. Here were two deer her size, and trapped. She dashed over. One fawn had gotten itself tangled in the fence and was struggling desperately. Sonya had rushed at the other, which continued hurling itself at the fence, and then finally as Sonya closed in on it, the poor little thing gave up hope and just lay down in front of Sonya and let out a pathetic cry like a lamb. Sonya was just barely starting to grab at it’s throat, when Joel caught up with her, and grabbed Sonya off the fawn. The fawn saw hope again, and got to its feet and ran away, finding the opening in the fence to run through. The other fawn had meanwhile untangled itself, and also found a way around the fence. We dragged Sonya away from her first successful attempt at catching a deer. She sulked all the way home, and still seems to be brooding over it now. We were glad the two fawns got away safely.

Hope you are all having a good morning. I better get back to my work.



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