Dear Fambly,

I would love to resurrect these “weekly missives,” but I guess we’ll have to see.

Just caught up on my blog reading. It is so nice to keep in touch in this way.

Jesse, I have a “Fat Max” Stanley 25’ measuring tape and a “China” black and red screwdriver with a Phillips head bit in it. Are they yours? If so, they are here.

Mommie and I had a really nice time here even though we ended up “working” quite a bit. Because Joel, Katie, Becky, Isaac, Luke, and Liesl were all at Hershey Park from very early to very late, we planned an “all day honeymoon.” It was very nice from the very beginning. Mommie brought me a yummy breakfast in bed. But I knew that this play stuff for New Hope was really weighing on her mind, and so asked her. She said she thought she could finish writing the thing in a couple hours, and they we would bring it to Staples to be copied and bound. While she wrote I puttered away at my desk and we were very friendly. She was enormously relieved to get it done, and the guy at Staples was really nice and the finished product looks really good. We then packed a picnic and went up on the Bolivar Heights Battlefield. The weather was perfect, and we had the place all to ourselves. We had a yummy picnic (sobe green tea, pad thai and apples we picked off a tree on our walk!) and read The Wolf Story aloud to each other till quite dark. We bought some Heath Bar icecream on the way home and ate some out by the pool. We then swam awhile and relaxed on the trampoline under the stars. The weather was beautiful with no bugs. The whole day was very nice and Faye felt like a new person. I was able, by puttering away in a friendly way while she wrote, to get a lot done at my desk, which also felt very good.

We prayed a lot for the kids at Hershey Park, and their safe return, and so were very relieved to find them safe in bed in the middle of the night. Sounds like some pretty wild rides…

Keep praying for two miracles: 1) that Mommie would be able to get completely ready for this next year’s homeschool, maybe even this week so they all could begin next week, and 2) that she would be able to put her desk to rights. There is stuff that goes all the way back to Taiwan that has never been dealt with or put away properly. I just know it would feel so good to her to be able to start the new study year with that behind her. I will be taking part in a couple of the classes this year and am really excited. I think they will be lots of fun.

I had a big first week of classes. So far, I think the kids are pretty happy with what I am doing. It was a big oomph, but seems to be bearing good fruit. Please pray for wisdom and strength. More details soon.

I will attach another “writing exercise” mostly for it’s “family history” value.

God continues to be incredibly good. We love you all so much and are so proud and happy.


12-4: Classifying to Make a Point: Nail Soup

Working in a chaotic tool shop is like cooking in a chaotic kitchen. You can never find the garlic crusher or marjoram when you need it, so you either waste time sifting through the junk to find it, or money buying more of what you already have. I recently reduced my shop to order, and feel not unlike the Lord must have felt after the six days of creation, seeing that all He had made was “very good”: a place for every creature and every creature in its place. The last step of this major classification project was dealing with the “nail soup.” No we are not in the kitchen again—you fellows will know what I mean. As I was putting all to rights, every time I came across a container of miscellaneous nuts and bolts, I poured it into a big bucket. By the end I had thirty of forty pounds of nail soup. My younger children and I have had hours of fun sorting. The four major categories are nails, screws, bolts and “everything else” (including at times the most amazing and interesting of objects, like a one inch long adjustable wrench which I hung up along side his larger brethren). The nails are further divided into finishing, roof, masonary and regular (large, medium and small); the screws into self-tapping, and metal/wood (large, medium and small), and the bolts into lag (really screws), molly/toggle and regular (lms, of course!). At one point of lunacy I drew a laughing face on the wall behind by little pails on the bolt shelf and added one more: Ray Boltz.

[This is really not “to make a point.” I could have done home schoolers (Classical, un-, “long dresses and goats”…) to make the point that we needn’t force ourselves into these boxes. I could also have done grains of sand at Oloanpi purely for fun.]

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