Been working hard today rewriting the old Twenty and Ten book into play form. A second run at it for the Hakes. I couldn’t find even one copy of the old one for some reason, though I know there is one around some where. But this time the play needs thirty parts to it, and some possible places for choreography, some humor and can be a bit longer, so I gave up looking for Kevin’ s old version and just started in writing this one. It will be a significantly different version. I plan to ask Daddy, Katie and Joel for suggestions and editing when I am done. It is tedious work. I hope it will prove worthwhile.

Jesse, I AM SO GLAD Jeremiah Wright found your camera! I felt SO badly about your loss. If the weather looks nice for Sunday, would you three feel like driving as far as Frederick on Sunday after church is over and meeting at our church for a picnic lunch in the park, as a simple belated birthday celebration for Elizabeth and to retrieve your camera then? Let us know what you think. If they are predicting rain we won’t even fool around with the idea. I don’t feel like expending any more energy praying for sunshine and wondering if an event will fly or not. πŸ™‚ We could mail the camera or come by sometime in the not too distant future and get it to you if a Sunday picnic does not work for you guys.

Kevin, how did, or maybe still is, your visit with your French friend? We have been thinking of and praying for her. I hope you are getting well and that it hasn’t been too awful going into work sick.

Joel, Katie, Becky and Isaac, Luke and Liesl are all going to Hershey Park this Saturday. Daddy and I do not feel left out. πŸ™‚ That should be lots of fun for them all and a nice kick off for the school year for the kids.

Tired. Wanted to write something more substantial but if I wait till I have the time to write something good, I might never write anything. Jesse, I thought your abundant use of “beautiful” the other night was touching. πŸ™‚ I wish everything seemed so “beautiful ” to me when I get tired.

Goodnight, beautiful family.


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