The wedding was very beautiful. God allowed them to enjoy beautiful weather in a dramatic last minute change. It was raining most of the day as we set up all the decorations. As the first guest were arriving and even being seated, it continued to rain. Then, at the final hour, it cleared up and we all enjoyed a beautiful evening. Joli and David seemed to have a good time and everything was very beautiful. [I just read over my post quickly and got a kick out of how many times I used beautiful in a row. But I’ll leave it as an accurate representation of how tired I am.] Elizabeth and I enjoyed it very much. I am rather sad that I misplaced my digital camera, however. And it still had some nice pictures on it from our summer vacation with the Stockers and Hakes. Lord willing, it might still be found somewhere.

I had a good first day back at school. Teaching starts next Monday. There have been lots of changes in the administration from the top down. The school board really shook things up. But most of the teachers are familiar faces. I am so much more comfortable this year and that should make me much more effective as a teacher. Still, I am somewhat nervous and it looks like it will be a very full load. I have taken on coaching soccer as well which will fill up a lot of extra time through the end of September.

I hope everyone gets over there colds and other ailments quickly. I am still not 100% myself and continue to covet your prayers.

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