Everyone did come home, right!? LOL… where are you? David was a huge (literally) help while he was here. The “pond” actually is starting to look like a pond. I’m very excited. I’ve actually finished the concrete on the outside of the pond and will hopefully finish the inside this weekend. The quickwall stuff has tons of fiber glass in it and the combo of the cement dust and fiberglass is killer on the lungs and hands. I actually bought gloves today to do the mixing with and I never wear gloves for anything.


After I get the inside concreted it’ll need a couple days to cure. That should be about right to get the inside filled in to the right depth and lay the drain, then the liner can go in hopefully next weekend. That may be optomistic. I need to purchase the pump also.

You can see my red climbing rose still wrapped up there. That is going by the front door. Looking forward to hearing some stories when you guys get a chance to recover.

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