Jess, thanks for the tip. I actually had already jerry-rigged a solution that took a lot longer but did get the job done. I drove up to Canaveral at 2 am Sunday night to watch the Messenger go up and the launch was scrubbed. Got a call Monday from a class mate who had a pass to see the launch from inside so drove up again Monday night (Tuesday morning, I guess) and wathced the launch. It was a pain to go through with the NASA staff and the location the dumped us at and watched us like hawks was worse than the one I had been at the night before outside the south entrance. Ah, well, live and learn. Ignition!

Lift Off!

And my shell table is finally done! I just need to put veneer around the edge and mount it on the base (I’m actually thinking of building a more space effcient base for it, but will let it go for now). Done at last.

You still alive and kickin, Peck?

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