Hi Kevin, there is a trick to pulling wire. I saw an electrician do it once. We were burrying a long stretch of pipe for a very fat feed that would supply a big house. The pipe had several twists and turns in it. I was wondering how he was going to feed this heavy wire through after we had already burried the whole thing. He took a light weight peice of srting (even heavy thread would work). He tied a little piece of paper towel or light weight cloth to the string and vacumed it through the pipe from the other side. Just get a shop vac or any vacum with a hose and attach it to one end with some tape. He tied the string around the middle of the cloth like a bow tie. Then use the string to pull a light rope through the pipe. Then attach the light rope to the wire with a good strong connection and some duct or electrical tape to make it smooth and it should pull through pretty easily. I hope this note is in time and that it works. 🙂

It sounded like everyone had fun in DC. I was looking forward to spending time with Becky in the evening after I got back from work, but she had to go home early with our car because her keys had been lost in DC somewhere. So that was too bad, but it was nice to see Becky even for just a little while.

Yesterday, we went to Mount Vernon, and it was a lot of fun. The setting on the Potomac River was really beautiful and the house and grounds were very interesting to tour. It was a nice place to just spend time and hang out. And there were some interesting things to learn. Elizabeth and I want to go again with our families. You would all enjoy it very much. I don’t think any of you have been before if I remember correctly.

Joel, I was sorry to read about the job change that your school decided to foist onto you. I hope it turns out to be a blessing in some ways.

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