That’s adorable!

How was the trip into DC? Are the New Englanders there for the weekend?

Very long day today. Got the electric for the pond mostly done. Hey, Jess, BTW, do you know how to string wire through those curly (flexible) conduits? I didn’t even think about it in the store. I tried to keep them both a straight as I could but it still got difficult to push after about 15 feet. They sell them in up to 50 foot increments so there must be some trick to it! Destoys the purpose of havine water proof protection if you have to cut it every so often.

Then volunteered most of the day for a back-to-school bash for a Brevard COunty Neighborhood Development Coilision. Helped set out chairs for church, played tennis, and now have to get some writing done before bed and while fixing dinner… Tomorrow I wanna try and finish the electric and maybe at least cut and layout take-two of the shell table so that that can be worked on evenings this week.

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