Kevin, I’m glad you got through to Mom and Dad although I am a little jealous.  I tried again three times this evening and couldn’t get through.  Must be something wrong with the phone card we are using.  But it worked fine on other calls today and yesterday.  It just doesn’t reach LeRaysville I guess.  🙂  I tried once yesterday without using the phone card.  Oh well.  Anyway, I will keep trying.

Becky is going into DC tomorrow with Elizabeth, two of Elizabeth’s old friends from Maine, and Nessa.  It should be fun. 

I saw Kerry’s big speech tonight.  Most of it anyway.  Nessa insisted on a change of scenery now and then.  🙂  He said that the fifth commandment (he called it “one of the oldest commandments”), “honor thy father and thy mother,” meant that we should have universal health care coverage.  🙂  Looking forward to Bush’s comeback in a couple weeks.

Kevin, your yard and house work always makes me wish that I was around to help out with some of those projects.  I would love to help you start digging a hole or throwing old shingles and wood over your fence or whatever needed doing.

Well, I better get to bed.  I am supposed to go up on a ladder tomorrow and rap some rake boards in metal.  I have some other interesting stuff I wanted to post from my class, about a man taking the class who homeschooled all his kids.  But I’ll get to it later.

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