Kevin, Elizabeth hopes to post the recipe today or sometime very soon.

Dad and Mom, we are worried about you and hope to get through to you soon.  Becky told us that the water situation up at Rivendell was a disaster, and that you wanted us to give you a call.  We tried calling about 6 times last night between 8 and 10:30, but couldn’t get through.  We are praying for you, and will keep trying to call you.

Becky, we are excited that you can come visit on Friday.  In case you didn’t get our email, here are the directions to our place:

Take 340 East to Exit 10 for 70 East (to Baltimore)

Take 70 East for 34.7 miles to Exit 87A for 29 South

Take 29 South for 14.8 miles to 198 East

(On 29 South, when you are getting close to 198, you will pass a golf driving-range on the left, then go down a hill, over a bridge, and up a big hill with construction.  Then you will pass a shopping center with a Giant grocery store on the left and there will be another shopping center on the right with a CVS in it.  At these shopping centers, there is a big intersection with a light where you turn left onto 198 East.  Across from this intersection on the right you will see a gas station and a big red barn-like building that sells mattresses, (maybe named the Bedding Barn?).)

Take 198 East for 1.2 miles past your first light (McKnew Road).

After this first light (McKnew Road), look for a left turn only onto Riding Stable Road.

(There is no light at Riding Stable Road and you can only turn left, so if you come to another intersection with a light then you have gone too far.)

From Riding Stable Road, take your third Right onto Jerald Road.

Go to the first stop sign and take a Left onto Kent Road.

We are the fourth house on the left, 16106 Kent Road (the first “1” might be missing from the mailbox, though). 

Our telephone number is 301 490-5738 if you have any trouble.

All the roads are well marked with signs.  We look forward to seeing you.

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