Kevin, I am sure your shelves are very nice even up close.  You as the builder are too aware of all the little foibles.  🙂  Anyway, the over all design and look is very cool.  I saw a coffee table with a top made of rocks embedded in mastic today.  It was very pretty and well built.  Reminded me of your shell table plans.

Hope the trip up to Rivendell goes well and Dad and Mom get a couple days to themselves somehow.  I guess they wont be online again till they get back.

There are lots of interesting things coming out and being discussed in my course.  Here is one recent one.

This was a question someone posted: We as a society pay good money for children to go to private schools and they seem to get a better education yet the teachers aren’t certified. Why is that? Is it the smaller class size? The parents paying for their students to go so they stress doing well? Teachers that actually have supplies and material? Pressure from parents and administration to produce results?  Does anyone have any ideas?

Here was one of the answers: I think it is some of all the things you mentioned, but the influence of supportive parents who care about their child’s education enough to get involved is my best guess.  I worked in a high school once where the parents were very involved and extremely concerned about their child’s education.  It was a university town and the parents were mostly professors and professional staff.  It was incredible what those kids achieved!  I was in awe of the local, state, and national awards and honors they won.  My soapbox speech is and always will be that until we can get a majority of parents involved and CARING,  we will not solve the problems with our education system.  But, I will spare you the entire speech!  :o)

Not too far off base, huh?  Except that having public schools is not the best way to get parents involved in the first place.  🙂

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