Hey allbody.

It’s 11:35pm and I went to bed a t 2 am last night and need to get up at 5 am soon. Just wanted to say how good to hear from you all. Joel and Katie we thought of you a lot today too!  I actually just now finished picking out some wedding decorations for Joli and David’s wedding. 🙂

We plan to leave first thing in the morning. Everything is packed. Katie and Joel, Becky will need to know ASAP when and where you arrive. WE can’t even remember what airport we dropped you off at so much has transpired since then. Becky will be here these next two weeks alone (G&G also here) . She plans to pick you two up (on August 7,  right?) and if you are planning to come up to Rivendell pretty promptly she hopes to ride up with you if that sounds ok to you two.. You might think about that and when you call to let her know your flight info, also let her know if it would be ok to ride up with you to Rivendell North.  She can drive her own car up if that is better.

Actually, Dad really needs to have our red car up there to take it in for its annual Binghamton Cottman’s check up to keep up our life time transmission guarantee. IF you wouldn’t mind driving that car up that’d be a big help to us. But whatever is best for you is fine. Things will work out. BEcky could also drive that car up if it deosn’t work to come with you folks.

Your new job sounds like a huge switch. Hope it is something you are happy with, Joel.

For anybody who might not remember or have it handy,

the phone number up at Rivendell North is 570-746-6068.

I’m really sleepy. I guess I’ll have to say more at another time. Pray for us and we are praying for each of you.

Peck might enjoy chatting with people these next two weeks during the lonely evening hours. Even Sonya is abandoning her. Pippin will talk I’m sure, but not on the same subject Becky does.


God bless you each. Mom.

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