It was good to hear some news both on the phone last night and dad’s posts on the blog. I also really enjoyed the Nessa photos… now she really IS getting fat (in a good way, of course). I’m gonna miss you all while you’re up at Rivendell. It’ll seem awful quiet on the blog. It was a funny tidbit to hear about Colleen and Andrew planning to climb mountains in Nepal. I’d volunteer to chaperon that trip in a heart beat… when are they going? 🙂

Enjoyed a leisurly day with the Beisners at a park after church today. Then came home and tore up some stuff and banged holes in walls to tried and figure out how I’m gonna wire the pond. I was very happy with the drain set up I found at Lowes. It’ll make easy clean-out/pre-filter and avoids having to put in two drains for suction reasons.

Yes, Jess, I did build the shelves. I found both designs in a library book. They really would be easy shelves to make with a table saw because they just involve cutting 1×1 and 1×2 boards into millions of identical pieces. Part of what took for ever (other than painting) was just marking and cutting all those pieces with a circular saw in my lap. They only look nice from a distance, though… not sufficiently sanded and a rather drippy paint job, but at this point I really don’t care – my stuff’s not on the floor anymore.

'Florida Fall' no. 1

'Florida Fall' no. 2

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