I’ll add a bit more (Dad, again). 

Behind me is a pile of oddly shaped brown parcels that have been arriving thick and fast these last several days.  Faye has done it again, and planned another great study year.  I encouraged her not to overcommit.  I think she is okay.  Great stuff, some of which I will be doing with them.  I am really excited. 

Pray that she will be able to get fully prepared before Labor Day, and get her desk and files all set too.  Some desk stuff goes back literally for many years.  She often talks about it, and I know she would feel great if she was able to get it all nice.  I told her that I want one afternoon and evening each week, beginning in the fall, for her to resume her writing.  She did it once before and it worked well.  One of us will do dinner and I’ll do Bible time and Faye can get started like by two p.m. and work till two a.m. if she has the might.  That’s the way she likes to work, big chunks! 

Really excited about the linguistics course next spring.  Found some great books.  Should be very interesting and lots of fun. 

My summer is rapidly drawing to a close, but I really look forward to seeing most of you at Rivendell and again at Joli’s wedding.  Miss you already, Kev!  O well!  Pray that Rose Hill will give Peck time off! 

It was so much fun to see Adam Zobel, Pete Sargent, and Alio playing so much together.  All three near or over six feet tall.  Adam is so much like Matt and his dad.  The same quiet smile and loopy sense of humor.  It was great to see him and Connie both.  Had a very nice talk with Jen while doing dishes.  Her hard times in Jamaica have matured her.  I think she has some very good directions in her life now, a better sense of who she is. 

In the car on the way to and from church, we almost finished book one of the trilogy.  Fun to be reading it again to new ears and hearts!  Maybe we’ll finish it today.  Liesl asked, “Why is Tom Bombadil in the story?”  I said, “Mostly just for fun, I think.”  Like some of God’s neat creatures.  We may wonder why God put them on the planet, but it sure is nice that He did. 

Wonderful to talk with you last night, Kev!  Eager to see you soon, Joel and Katie!  Nice that you could come, Saturday, Jesse and Elizabeth and Nessa!  You added a lot! 

God’s richest blessings!

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