Hello, everybody!  Dad here! 

This blog is really cool.  I just “caught up” and really enjoyed it.  It is such a neat thing to be able to have an ongoing electronic message board that takes pics and everything and spans the continents. 

We are enjoying a cool (sixty degrees), cloudy, quiet, lazy Sunday afternoon with “just us.”  Faye is napping.  I think Becky is too.  Isaac was reading Swamp Fox by Shellabarger a few minutes ago on his bed.  Luke and Liesl are often seen running around together.  It’s nice. 

Luke and Liesl are all packed for Rivendell.  As Faye said a few posts back, we are trying to get up there and off on a “honeymoon” as soon as possible.  The Hake family reunion was intense at points, but overall very nice.  Missed John Zobel.  We’ll get him to come to the next one.  Lots of swimming, badmitten, go carting, food, and just good old sit-on-the-porch-and-talk.  Found out that Andrew, Joel’s friend that “hit it off” with Colleen Sargent at the wedding last summer plans to take her up Mt. Everest in Nepal.  We were discussing the chaperoning problems that presents.  We need a combination of Bill Gothard and a Sherpa.  Someone said they first met at the wedding when Andrew won the “sardines” game and finally had to “bark like a dog” to divulge his whereabouts so the game wouldn’t last forever.  Good old Uncle John said, “So, he’s good in tight places, eh?”  🙂 

Life is rich and full and good.  Hard sometimes, too.  But even that is ultimately part of the goodness. 

I’m going to put this up, so I don’t lose it. 

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