Hi everybody.

I’m taking a break from the Hake family reunion for a few moments and getting a couple things done at my desk. The reunion has had some great moments and good times and some not so great moments and hard times. The dynamics of having it here in our home where G&G live are sort of intense at moments. I’m a little stretched and tired but overall I think it’s been a good thing. I end up being the hit lady for “where is this and where is that and can I…. ” for fixing things and for plunging toilets at least after Daddy’s hours are over and he’s sound asleep, even when I am not “on duty” cooking a big meal for folks.

We have been so flat out that we don’t even know when we are leaving for Rivnedell and how it is all going ot work out. Daddy and I were dreaming of squeezing in a two day quiet retreat by ourselves somewhere to maintain some sense of specialness to our relationship, but at the moment that is looking pretty challenging. Maybe we’ll bring Isaac, Luke, and Liesl with us on our “honeymoon” .

Isaac has been a big help and great cousin-host this week. Luke and Liesl waxed and waned in their enthusiasms and even in their participation, taking a few breaks each day and slipping away to play quietly by themselves in between big bursts of activity, but they’ve had some great times too.

Kevin, I wanted to get on here to tell you how incredible your shelves look! Wow! NO one will look at those and think “home-made”. They are amazing. IT looks like you picked up a couch and chair for the living room too. That’s neat.

The shells really do remind one of collecting for the shellican. 🙂 I can’t wait to see the table finished. We are so anxious to get down there.

Guess what? Uncle Andy owns a  shopping center there in Palm Bay, (and also one in Melbourne) He says he goes down a couple times a year to the Palm Bay shopping center, so he plans to stop to see you. They’ll be in  touch. It’s probably a place you shop. 🙂

Your life is starting to sound dangerously full again, Kevin. Work, tennis lessons, ponds, furniture works of art, and soon to pick up graduate courses! Careful. 🙂 Glad to hear work is picking up though.

The EE stands for Electrical engineering?  

Elizabeth and Jesse, we had so much fun seeing you and Nessa again after two weeks! Nessa changed SO much in those two weeks! Much bigger, fuller, and more mature. SO many people were around and Elizabeth had to lay a bit low with Nessa to get her to nurse well alone upstairs and with all the people, busyness etc. I never did get a chance to urge a smile from Nessa, so that will be a future treat.

We have committed to helping Joli and David with the decorations for their wedding. We’ll be bringing the gazebo down in a trailer from Rivendell and anything still usable and around from Joel and Katie’s wedding and borrowing some of the ideas from their wedding too. Joli really loved the “Much A-Do About Nothing” decorations so we are going to cut some saplings at Rivendell and bring them back to do that too. I told Cathy we’d help with Joli’s but not to count on us to keep up the tradition or try to “be fair”  as other  Howard sisters that come along down the line wanting to get married too.

It is beautiful out today. I should finish up here at my desk and go back to being friendly. I wonder where Luke and Liesl get their habits from? 🙂

Hope you are still having such an awesome time, Joel and Katie! We will be thinking of you on your anniversary Monday! We celebrated G&G’s sixtieth here yesterday while everyone was around.

Pray for us. We are praying for all of you.



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