Hey, all. Things are getting busy at work (*hurray*). I also signed up for two grad classes at Iowa State University via the www. If they go well I’ll probably enroll in their EE program. It can be done entirely online and the class selections look pretty good. Those start the end of August.

The shell table is making some progress. Still hard to tell how it’ll look complete, though. Yeah, Jess, I picked up all the shells right here in Melbourne. Took a lot less time than for all the Shelican shells but there aren’t as many… Lizz, I spread a mastic down and stick the shells into that and then cover it with sand while it dries. The surface is really uneven so I might think about covering it with glass or just using big coasters… 🙂

I demolished the “pagoda” yesterday. Now I have to dispose of it. I’m thinking I might just chuck the shingles over the fence and burn the wood… I’m sure there are strict laws about burning. I better call around first.

I’m going to be out all evening or I’d try and call and wish G and G a happy anniversary, wish I could be there. You’ll have to do that for me. Miss you guys.

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