I think the Poortengas have been out West too long. They’re reverting to pioneering phrasology…


One set of bookshelves is done (minus a second coat I’ll get on it this evening). The second set is primed and ready for final coat. It’s been raining alot and my back porch floods so I have them spread all over my living room/study, which makes getting to bed difficult and getting out the front door impossible. Who knows when I’ll find time to get them painted. I’m thinking about just assembling them with the primer… When I’m no longer sick of the sight of the dumb things I’ll post pictures of them.


I started the sea-shell coffee table this afternoon. Not sure I like how it’s coming out, but will wait till finished to make final judgements. My Lowes card came today so I’m going to try to finalize pond plans and order the materials.


Found a great furniture store on the way to tennis yesterday. Trouble is I’ll have to stop in everyday. Everything on the display floor had “SOLD” stuck all over it.


Going out to look at a co-worker’s tools to decide if I wanna build some porch furniture and his yard because he said his wife is working on eliminating the grass in their back as well and I might bet some good ideas from her. Then I have to drop off the tools I borrowed then get back here and finish up some shelves and do some financial organization. I haven’t sat down yet and done all the “figurrin’ ” for how what my budget is going to look like for the next six months or so.


Been hot and sunny in the mornings and really rainy in the afternoons down here. Hope the Poortengas are getting better weather for their trip. I guess they’re far enough away that it’s likely to be a different weather pattern out there… 🙂


Keep the camera handy for when Nessa does start dishing out smiles.

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