Good Sunday, everyone!

  Katie and I are leaving immediately from church today for a trip with my parents to the northern part of the province.  We’re really excited about it.  We won’t be able to see the blog for a few days, but hopefully we’ll comeback ripe with stories and pictures.

  Kevin, I’ve got a Tom Sawyer solution for your tree: everyone knows the reg’lar way to cut down a tree.  I seen it in books.  It’d be cheating to just rent a chainsaw and chop it anyways.  You gotta take it down one small branch at a time, like you’re just prunin’ it, then shred the branch and eat the sawdust.  Give it 35 years, your tree’s gone and no one’s the wizer.  If it turns out your tree’s pisoned, you died a glorious storybook death.

  Or take mom’s advise–either one!

  We love you all and hope you’re doing well,

Joel and Katie

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