Mom, Becky, Liesl, Luke, Isaac, Dad (and Grandma & Grandpa):

Thanks for all of your help and hospitality during the two weeks we were there.  It was a blessing to be spoiled so.  It is nice to be able to nourish Nessa without using formula and bottles and syringes.  I just weighed her and she is now 7 lbs. 13.1 oz., a pound up from 3 weeks ago.


Joel and Katie:

Thanks for letting us stay in your place and borrow your car.  (I borrowed your car one day, by the way!)  šŸ™‚  We’re glad to hear about your time there; it sounds (and looks) lovely.  But, we’ll also be glad to hook up with you again whence you return.



Thanks for spending the time you could have used on your house to meet Nessa and hang with the fam.  Wish we lived nearby.  It would be fun to help.


Hm.  The ?inevitable? has happened.  Someone sent us a pink outfit for Nessa that says “lil princess” on it.  With matching silver sparkly striped pants.  And little kitten princesses all over. Hm.  Oddly, it came from a store called “The Rugged Bear: Outdoor Clothing for Children.”


Nessa is almost smiling socially.  She looked me in the eyes and began to smile twice, but her gaze wandered before the smiles were over.  Both times were while I was chatting to her and we were looking at pictures of birds in a big board book.  She was staring at a picture of an African Grey Parrot for a long time.  ~E

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