Joel and Kate, I forgot you guys hadn’t heard about Wanda. You’re both right. She’s my neighbor’s pot-bellied-pig, who thinks she is their third child. I’m happily pet free until I stock my pond with gold fish.


I have discovered why they screened in their pagoda. The mosquitos here are terrible. There are a couple wet spots and Palm Bay is too backwards a town to have a spraying program. Even Port Orange came by a couple times a year. Ah, well, nothing’s perfect. Just have to keep the grass mowed and the bug spray handy. The pagoda’s coming down anyway. There isn’t any feasible way to seperate it from the trees and still maintain any kind of structural integrity. I really can’t see why I would need it anyhow with the nice big back porch.


Next week I need to call about someone taking the trees down. I wonder how much trouble I’d get in if I cut them down myself? Someone told me there’s a $5000 fine.


Better get to bed. I’ve been really grouchy at work and I think it’s because I’m not getting quite enough sleep. 🙂

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