Well, I was able to get Jessica’s ponds up and running. It’s a very interesting set up but I like my design better. This girl’s house was an incredible find. Really neat yard, big stone fireplace and plenty of rooms for her boyfriend to do his comics and RPGs.

The side lawn got mowed and the parts of the back yard I’m keeping mowed got a little bit closer to being managable with my primative mower. The front yard is great now that it’s short and I can keep it that way pretty easily. A quick 15 minute shot with the mower once a week ought to keep it spiffy. I’m not sure what’ll happen when I start leaving town for two weeks at a time but will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Also finished the second set of shelves *trumpet finale*. Hopefully, after tennis tomorrow I can get them puttied so that they’ll be ready for a quick sanding and primer this weekend.

Wanda got eye drops this evening at about 10 pm and it sounded like like an entire herd of swine was being butchered in the front yard. If Nessa makes that much noise when she weighs 10 lbs I think Jess and Lizz will be looking for new accomodations… I’m sure Nessa will be better disciplined than Wanda, though.

Well, time for a quick shower and bed.

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