Thanks for making that address change, Mom. One of these days I’m going to find time to read some of the magazines that are piling up in corners around here…

Off to take a look at the raised ponds at that friend’s house. She gets back from picking up her kid shortly and I wanna be back here in time to mow the side yard a bit before dark. The shelves are finally approaching being finished. I think by tomorrow night I can have them structurally complete. The priming and painting takes forever. Possibly I can get at least the primer done this weekend if I do it in two stages outside and it manages not to rain for a couple hours at a shot. I’ll be so glad when those dumb things are done. They went way over their time allotment.

Also been plugging away for a half hour or so when I get up at getting the phone line installed against the “study” wall. The one inch drill bit worked a miracle and I was able to fish the wire out beautifully, but the stupid DSL modem is so finicky it looses synchronization at the tiniest little ding in the connectors. I’ve been through about 3 versions up in the attic. I think the one I picked out today should do it. We’ll find out tomorrow morning.

That’ll be the last thing that needs to be in place for everything to go where it’s supposed to and I can start feeling like there’s a place for everything and everything in it’s place. Stuff like couches and dressers will just have to wait… I want to get started on the outside stuff. Jess, I’ll post a couple more pictures of those trees and if you wouldn’t mind pasting them on that plant ID site and see if you get any bites on what they are before I go hacking them down, that’d be great.

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