It’s been a wild week here at Lake Wobegone…

Faye and Peck are watching “You’ve Got Mail” (for the forty-third time?). Luke and Liesl are playing badmitton. Alio is (guess what?) on the computer!

Guess I’m mostly talking to you two, Katie and Joel! Hi! I remember water skiing a hundred years ago. It was lot’s of fun!

Just dropped Kevin off at Reagan a little while ago with Faye. Always hard to say goodbye! Wonderful to see you, Kev! We got to the airport only about fifteen minutes before his flight was supposed to leave! Oops! Hope you caught it!

Wonderful to see Nessa baptized. I liked Jesse and Elizabeth’s new pastor. Lot’s of memories for Grandma and Grandpa Hake!

Yesterday’s sailing “took the wind out of our sails” (literally and metaphorically) to some extent. I felt bad at points. But everybody was very cooperative and a good sport. We actually did get a little breeze towards the end, and sailed back under our own power. We did learn a lot, even if mostly how not to do it. That kind of painful experience was probably necessary, but I was sorry that I could not have had it by myself. (Kinda like I wish I could have had our first honeymoon by myself, and then taken Faye to Hawaii!) I’ve got lots of ideas, and I still believe the potential for fun is very high. The boat is wonderful–there are just lots of things we didn’t know.

It is wonderful to have you all. Faye, I am very glad that when everyone else leaves, you are still here! I love seeing you of you and think you are all wonderful! God bless us, every one!

(I will email the two papers I wrote. They are too much for the blog.)

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