HURRAY!!! After 2 hours and 43 minutes of pestering dozens of people at Bell South (and moving my computer near an existing phone jack) I’m finally online! My initial house pictures are uploading to my fotopic site as I type. I’ll let you guys know when they become available and stick a couple on here.

I wasn’t planning on spending the entire evening on here… 🙁 I think I’ll try to run up to Lowes still and replace the last shelf on the finished set of shelves (bad split in a 1×12) so that I can get those painted. I actually assembled them and will just paint them as they are in the living room. I could have used some professional help, Jess, or even the proper tools (no clamps, wrong hammer, no table saw) but I’m moderatly happy with how they came out. Eager for Lowes to restock 1×1 so can finish the other set and start using my garage again.

Finally paid off all my credit cards today (and cut up a couple). It will be touch and go to make the first payment on house and student loans, but after that I should be fine if I can restrain myself from going overboard too quickly with yard stuff. I am getting a Lowes card and will put the pond stuff on there so I can start working on that and have six months to come up with the money. I’d like to have the rest of the yard done first, but in some ways it might be better to have the pipes laid and wiring all run before I do much prettifying work. The only other really big item that needs to get done before too much detail is taking out those couple of trees out back.

LOL. I’ll post pictures as things happen instead of boring you all with talking about it. Gotta run to Lowes before they close.

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