Incredible to see the new boat. Can’t believe you finally bit the bullet and got it. Will it be sea worthy by this weekend so we can try it out?

Luke, glad to see you on here a bit again. Sorry you’re having trouble with e-mail, etc. Hope the breeding goes well and don’t drown the poor mouse while his Mommy and Daddy aren’t home. The boys across the street from me introduced their pot bellied pig, Wanda, to me today.

Today was a little better. I’m making progress with some stuff and peace with the remainder… 🙂 Excited about seeing you all on Thursday. Kinda wish you were all coming down here so you could dig up garden fence posts and figure out ways to peel the pine trees of the poor hut so I can move it. I need Uncle Glen with his chain saw…

Tomorrow I get DSL!! Hopefully will get it up running smoothly and can post pictures tomorrow night.

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