Hi, allbody,

We’re very glad to hear Nessa’s doing well and gaining weight. We’re also very glad to hear people are enjoying beautiful weather and excellent literature in choice locations. Kevin, hooray for your homeownership and your imminent visit with the family. We’re jealous of that reunion.

We have had a wonderful time in Abbotsford, and now are in Oroville, WA.

The sun is hot, the lake is cool, the skiing is fast, the pace of life is slow, and the view is spectacular!

We don’t have access to a scanner or digital camera right now, and we couldn’t find many pictures of this area online, but this one sortof gives you the idea–big forbidding desert mountains, deep blue water, nice trees for shade. The Poortenga’s trailer sits on a little hill looking over the lake.

Becky, we’re curious how the vet appointment with Sonya went. Did you get antibiotics for Lyme’s disease?

Luke and Liesl, have Dmitri and his ladyfriend had any babyfish yet?

We love and miss you all,

Katie and Joel

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