Just got caught up again on my blog reading. Very interesting!

Jane and Ashleyne were on their way back from a Nashville, Tennessee fiddling camp and crashed here last night. They got in at midnight, so we decided to stay home. Faye and Jane had a wonderful, long sisterly chat and Ashleyne played with the kids. Becky had to work. We had a time of singing and prayer out by the pool. After they left, Liesl said, “Let’s read the Lord of the Rings out in the pool. We dropped your nice, red book into the deep end, Joel! We are very sorry! (Joke! It is fine!) I’ll bring mine home Tuesday, so we don’t have to use your nice one. It is a lot of fun reading it again.

It has been so gorgeous here. The weather, the front yard swing, the back yard. Really wonderful. I am so glad Grandma and Grandpa Hake can be here to enjoy it. Cathy spent the day here yesterday “just to rest.” It really is a restful place.

God is so good! Just talked to Jesse and learned that they will be coming for a week or two to try and get Nessa “over this last hurdle.” That will be wonderful! so eager to see you, too, Kevin! The idea of buying a mango tree at Lowe’s has still got me reeling! 🙂

Just read your kayak story, Kate! This is a quiet, peaceful place to visit, isn’t it!

With computers now, you don’t have to worry how wedding photos turn out. Any little problems can be touched right up, eh! Orc nightmares, anyone? Sorry Joel and Katie! We really miss you guys!!!

Love to you all! Pray for me! A wonderful summer, but a great challenge. Finished a big writing project this past week. Very important. Lot’s of help from Faye. I’ll post it later this week. (It is a bit on the long side.) Pray for Mommie, too! That God will bless her days!

Love you!!!!!!!!

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