It’s so aggravating to post from dial up but I miss not being on here.

I’ll have a phone set up on the 4’th of July and DSL access the 6’th. Very excited about being back in business! Will post some moving pictures then.

Also happy to be coming home so soon and seeing you all!

I drove up to watch the Delta2 rocket launch with the GPS satellite yesterday evening. Pretty good view from Cocoa Beach. I’ll have to bug some classmates who work at the Cape for tickets and get in there to see it up close.

Been playing tennis Thursday nights and hopefully will be starting lessons as soon. It’s fun to do something a little physical, although after I have a yard I’ll be spending a lot of time out there. Good for a misanthrope like me to do something that’s at least a little social… 🙂

Poortengas don’t have access to e-mail out there, I guess? Anyone heard how they’re doing in the wild west?

Can’t wait to see you all.

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