Well, it is almost midnight so it is time for an update. πŸ™‚ Nessa has not had anything but nursing for food since 6 a.m. this morning. It is putting years on all of us. She has only eaten well twice and even then not as much as she normally eats. She is such a different girl. It is heart breaking. She usually just sleeps and makes cute sweet sounds when she has her little awake times. It has been a miserable day. She has been crying almost constantly when she is awake, and it is very hard to get her to sleep. And her crying is now a low raspy wail, more like the crying I remember from my brothers and sisters. πŸ™‚

Anyway, we don’t think she is dehydrated or unhealthy. Just frustrated and more hungry than she has ever been before. But we know she is getting some food and trust that it will be enough and begin to increase to the point that she is able to fill herself up at each feeding. But it really is so hard. We are going to try and make it through the night, but it will be an hour by hour decision.

Her main two problems are not opening her lower lip correctly and not keeping up with strong steady sucking. When we finger fed her, she proved that she can suck very hard for a long period of time. But when nursing, she just fades very quickly and gets sleepy as if it just isn’t worth the effort after four or five sucks. And she still does not latch on correctly each time. There have been a couple encouraging times when she seemed to be doing very well, so hopefully those experiences will be encouraging to Nessa as well, and she will begin to nurse that way more often.

Thanks for your continued prayers.

Here is a fun anecdote from the Stockers in Maine. It is a quote from an email that we got from Mom Stocker today. It made us so proud of Mainers and we thought you would all enjoy the sentiment. Lorelei Lowell is the pianist at Merrymeeting Bay Church. Her sons build big boats (I am pretty sure out of wood), and one of them is a deacon at the church as well. They are very sweet people. Well, that is enough background. πŸ™‚ Here is the quote from Mom: “We spent a good part of the day at a birthday party for Lorelei Lowell, her 60th. The Lowells had bought over 100 lobsters, 100 pounds of steamers, hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, tons of corn on the cob, 2 big kegs of beer and a bunch of other beers and soft drinks, and a number of cakes. Phew! So we are tired and full and ready to call it a night.”

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