Katie and I are leaving soon, but I wanted to post before we go. Isaac, Luke, Liesl, Katie and I just had lunch at a restaurant owned and run by a Mexican friend of ours. It was our last Spanish lesson for the school year, so we ordered and conversed (if you could call it that) in broken Spanish. Delfino (the owner) was very friendly and helpful, teaching us some new words and being very patient and humorous to help us be comfortable. Luke and Liesl just about ate ’till they popped, and even though we were sitting right next to the bathroom, we didn’t let Katie use it until Liesl had asked where it was (that was her assigned question)!

Kevin, it sounds like your back yard should just about be renamed Eden. I hope Katie and I have a chance to visit you sooner than later.

Elizabeth, how would you feed this hypothetical myriad of babies? Katie and I keep praying things get better for you all in the that department.

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