Goodbye, Joel and Katie! Wish we could make it to the festivities tonight. I’ll pray for your trip and summer, and please remember to snap some photos. 🙂 (Thanks for the rafting story, too, by the way. In some ways it sounds fun, but it just reminds me why I usually prefer to plod along on my two feet to any other mode of transportation.)

Liesl, Luke, Isaac, and Mom – congrats on being [nearly] finished with school. Dad – I don’t know whether to be congratulating you on being under less pressure for the next couple months, or groaning on your behalf because you’ll still be working hard.

The house sure sounds fun, Kevin. Can you put a couple “before” pics of it up on the blog sometime soon?

Nursing sucks (though Nessa does not seem to get that the two go together). I’m officially discouraged. I would genuinely prefer giving birth once a day (without the epidural) to doing this routine. ~E

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