Happy James Joyce day!

I’ve enjoyed the posts. Kate, I’d heard some of the kayaking story from the kids but your full account was very amusing. Jess, the Castro story was funny too. Addo, I think Yahoo is worried about Gmails being 1000 Mbytes…

I sure wish I could make the end of school and goodbye party. I’ll be thinking of you guys.

Busy with work and researching house stuff. I’m so excited about owning a place! I’m going to go crazy for a while playing with it. Lowes got in a shipment of tropical fruit trees so I had to add to the edible jungle before there was only pickings left at Lowes. I bought a mango, a lychee, and a custard apple. They’re a little touch and go for this far north but worth a shot. If I can get them over a couple winters they should be able to survive a freak freeze once they’re big. The trees are sitting in pots in front of Kyle’s apartment now. They look like they’re happy and are putting out new growth, so hopefully they’ll be ok till I can plant them in a couple weeks.

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