I had a funny story from the grocery store check out line the other day. It reminded me of Kevin and I’s plan to have a pet skunk. The lady checking out my groceries was a 40 something woman with lots of eye makeup and brightly painted nails and she was chatting with another worker about some pet that she had. I was listening unobtrusively until I thought I figured out that it was a raccoon. So, during a lull in the conversation, I asked if they were chatting about a pet raccoon. The woman said yes. She had “joined” an “animal shelter” that had given her a baby raccoon. I asked if they planned to release it because it didn’t sound like it. She said that it was technically illegal but they planned to keep it. I kept my mouth shut about what I knew about raccoons making great pets as juveniles, but almost universally getting very neurotic and dangerous in captivity once they mature. She didn’t really seem to be the type to care. She and her husband were just treating it like a little play thing. She had painted its nails, but her husband wouldn’t let her pierce its ears. Yes, it was perverse and disgusting, really. It must have been a strange animal shelter to give the coon to her. But, anyway, it just reminded me of how we lost our little skunk when we tried to get rabies shots for it. 🙂

We posted some pictures online in our house plants collection of the orchid that Glen and Mary Lou sent for Nessa. Too many prepositions in that sentence.

Nessa is doing so well. Her belly is huge and round. Elizabeth keeps having her little diapers slide right off. 🙂 It will be fun to see how much she weighs tomorrow. We took our first family walk today. It was very nice. Nessa was in the snuggly carrier and slept through the whole thing without any comment. But at least she must have heard the cicadas, felt the sun, and got some fresh air in her lungs. 🙂 She is nursing somewhat better. It is sort of up and down. Sometimes she seems to get a lot. It is dribbling out of her mouth, and she is not at all hungry for seconds from my finger. But other times she is just a sleepy or frustrated pill and she doesn’t eat much until she can get it easily with my force feeding. After her appointment tomorrow, we hope to drop the supplemental feedings and just let her fend for herself.

Well, we should go. (Elizabeth and Nessa are sitting here with me.) Mom, the pool-time history lessons sound great! 🙂 I want to read Isaac’s report on the human brain. He should post it on the blog. Kevin, we hope your house situation is being resolved without further to-do. Katie and Joel, we are looking forward to your visit.

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