I really enjoyed the pictures of Elizabeth as a baby. Nessa does look a lot like both of you! I really enjoyed seeing Nathan and the very young Dad Stocker.

Eighty degrees here Kevin. Beautiful sunny day. Katie, Joel, Luke and Liesl are swimming. Katie, Luke and Liesl just picked a ton of cherries from the Jacobs’ cherry tree. (by invitation of course. ) They are really yummy. Makes me look forward to our cherry tree getting big enough to bear.

Grandma Brown had her pace maker surgery today. IT went a lot better than the doctor expected. He had thought he would have to remove it completely and do it over again on the other side of her chest and redo the wires to the heart etc. But when he got it out he felt that it would work to just re- fashion the “hole” a little and put it back in basically the same place. They also took a culture so they can treat the infection very specifically now if they need to. So she went in at 6 am and was home by afternoon and very happy that they didn’t have to re-do the whole thing. God was so good.

Isaac is working away on a science report making comparisons between the human brain and computers. It sounds pretty cool. He’s a trooper when he gets going on things. 🙂

The kids are all making progress towards finishing up. This week should wrap up many subjects and , LORD willing, by the end of next week they should be done with it all! I am SO ready! I don’t feel at all like planning for next year! I am not at all sick of being with the kids, I am just sick of doing school. I want to play with them! TO get a preview of that play we have been finishing up our history book out in the pool. I lay on the big raft and read aloud and the three of them each have an inner tube and hover about the raft and listen. We read three chapters like that today, and two more days of three chapters in the pool and we’ll be done with history for the year. 🙂

Better get back at correcting math. Hope al is well. Kevin, I want to call you and make sure you are ok. Praying for Nessa’s eating every day.

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