Another momentous event in Nessa’s life took place yesterday…her umbilical cord stump fell off! Jesse took a picture of her belly button, but I see that I will finally have to ask him to show me where he dumps photos that aren’t on our fotopic site so that I can post them if I want. Anyway, he’ll post it later, I’m sure. 🙂

Also, today Nessa made some great advances in breast feeding!!! And, she is starting to be more vocal day-by-day (and night-by-night), so I am thinking that she may not end up being our “easy” baby. (Isn’t every couple guaranteed at least one of those?) 🙂

Becky (and others who took pictures with her camera), Mom shared the photos from the beach, and there were several very nice ones. What a photogenic bunch. 🙂 Jesse and I plan to reprint a couple to have and frame.

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