Hi. This may look like it comes from Jesse or Elizabeth, but this is “Grandma” giving an update on precious little Nessa. She’s a keeper! Couldn’t possibly be any sweeter or more adorable! Her bilirubin count dropped down to ten and they let her come off the blanket for 24 hours and then re-checked her level today for what they call “rebound” with the idea that if her level didn’t rebound too high she could stay off the ultra violet and get on with a more normal life without being attached to a box by a hose. Her level today was 11.5, back up, but not higher than they call a normal rebound, so she is free! Lord willing no more nasty pricks on the foot and no more glow in the dark.

Liesl and I have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and have fallen hopelessly in love with Nessa. Liesl learned a lot about babies and had a great time watching Nessa’s faces and listening to her sounds and just snuggling up with her. At all the doctors offices people always asked Liesl if Nessa was her sister and Liesl told them all that she was her niece. We will be going home after having dinner with Jesse and Elizabeth this evening, and hopefully this little family will have their first days of “normalcy” without guests, company, and daily treks to the lab and doctors offices! Peace and joy upon them.


Steve, thank you for my “SURPRISE” on the blog. I love you too. Faye.

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