We rigged up the bili-blanket so that it can be used with the snuggly carrier, and I am sitting at the computer working on my paper with Nessa sleeping against my tummy. We are as cozy as can be. The only signs of the bili-blanket are a slight blue glow reflecting off the bottom of the computer screen and the hum of the fan from the light box. Nessa’s bili-count is down to 14 today (very good news) and she looks great. We are still supposed to keep the light on her over the weekend, but hopefully that will be the end of it all. The last two feedings we have stopped supplementing with any formula and are back to milk. It is looking more like milk then colostrum now, and there is still more than enough of it. Elizabeth has not been very uncomfortable from engorgement so that also seems to be going well. Now we just need to get things running according to a smooth routine so that Elizabeth can relax and focus on teaching Nessa to nurse.

Isaac, the Veggy Tale sound bit was funny. So you got the Howard’s computer working again? I would like to hear how you did it some time.

Well, I better get to work.

Love, Jesse

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