I sure would have liked to be there to witness the fun! Jess and Lizz, if you were able to go home today and get any time at all between feedings to post the photos on your site I’m very eager to get a glimpse of Nessa! Be sure to take some size pictures… Nessa in the shoe… Nessa next to a quater… she won’t be so tiny for long.

A quick message to Peck next time someone sees her. Keep a close eye on your credit card account. Mine had an over $1000 charge on it. I’m virtually certain it was from the guy at Groovie Movies. I haven’t used it much at all recently and none online. Thankfully Discover called me on it and is replacing the card, but it can’t hurt to be a little careful for a while, Peck.

Work continues to go well. I finally made up my mind on a mortgage and will do the last of that paperwork this weekend. I miss you all already. 🙂

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