Kevin, the appointment on Monday wasn’t good. The blood pressure wasn’t too outrageous, but still high (130/90). There was more protein in my urine, which was more of a concern, as it could indicate that my kidneys are stressing out. They have me on strict bed-rest, and that means horizontal. So, no church and no beach. On Wednesday the appointment was better. My blood pressure had gone down to 130/80 and there was just a trace of protein in my urine, less than on Monday. Also, all the bloodwork I’d had to get done on Monday (checking kidney and liver function) came back fine. I don’t have to go back until next Wednesday. If things have stayed the same or improved, I think that they will let me do a little more, like attend church. We know everyone will have a great time at the shore, and we will really miss it, especially Kevin who isn’t just an hour’s drive away.

I’m breaking the horizontal position rule right now, to say that Ethan (the 8 year old) has been collecting cicada shells and he keeps bringing them down to show me. He has at least 100 shells from about 20 minutes of searching trees, and he is just so cute. Jesse told him that in Taiwan people would buy cicada shells. Ethan keeps saying, “If I was in Taiwan, I’d be rich!” Jesse tried looking online for places around here that buy the shells, but we’d probably have to have connections in China town to find anyone. Anyway, it’s cute. Now I must go follow Doctor’s orders.

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