I thought I’d post this copy of Aunt Connie’s email about how Christopher’s surgery went so we all remember to keep him in our prayers as he heals. What a strong person he will be!

Dear family,

Just an update on Christopher. I talked to Krista a few minutes ago and

she said he has been awake and eating all day. He may come home

tomorrow!! He’s just done so well. The surgeon was able to accomplish

her 2 goals which were to remove a portion of the lower skull in order to

make a little more room for the growth of his brain, and to remove a

portion of the upper vertibrae so that it is now U shaped rather than O

shaped. That will help protect the portion of brain that has grown into

his spinal column. The neurologist said she was hopeful that she will

never have to work on his head again. He has posed challenges to her

that she has never seen before. But we are so thankful it is over. He

has a lot of pain in his neck and can’t move his head at all, but it is

not the same as when he had a constant severe headache after the last

surgery. Now he is pretty comfortable if he doesn’t move where before

there was no way to get away from the pain.

Thank you SO much for all of your thoughts and prayers.

Love, Connie

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