Hi, everyone.

I’m on dial up! And no, I’m not living out of my car. I’m staying with a chap who started working at Northrop Grumman last summer when I was a returning intern.

I was an hour late for my first day at work because I forgot what time they had told me to show up. I missed the orientation and kinda got thrown off-whack. But, thankfully, I still have a job and have actually been really busy puttering away at the obligatory stacks of manuals that all new-hires have to plow through. It looks like the job is going to be very interesting and challenging, though. There is quite a time crunch and they’re trying hard not to over beef up the work force just to get over a beginning-of-the-project hurdle.

I haven’t had a chance to do any house shopping yet, since I can’t get final approval for the mortgage until I get a pay check. I’m not sure when that will be either, though, since I didn’t get into the orientation. Hopefully this weekend? That would presumably mean that next week I could actually make an offer on a place.

Everyone made it home safely, I trust? Jess, sorry you’re not feeling up to snuff. Dad, it was nice to see another blog from you in the midst of your insanity.

Thanks again for all of you who came down to visit. I know that it was a time and bother sacrifice even though some one else “paid” for the trip. It added a lot to the whole graduation thingy. I’m trying to keep my nose clean and not do too much extra-curricular at work and I can’t imagine living on dial up so I might not be able to get on here too often for a little while. Anyhow, looking forward to seeing you all at the shore.

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