I enjoyed all the recent posts. Kevin, once again congratulations on finishing! It will be so good to think of you starting something new.

Elizabeth and I have enjoyed a refreshing weekend. Although Elizabeth has had a very bad virus that lost her a full night’s sleep. We went to Sandy Point yesterday for just a few hours. I just wanted to see the Chesapeake and get Elizabeth into the fresh sunny air. It was fun although the park now costs $5 per person and won’t let you back out at all without having to pay again. That seemed a little silly.

Today we learned that our new pastor has been confirmed by the presbytery and will be moving out here from Michigan this week with his family. We celebrated the Lord’s Supper in church today and heard a sermon from I Corinthians 11:17-34 about the importance of seeing fellow believers as parts of Christ’s one body.

This afternoon we watched the latest version of Nicholas Nickleby with Christopher Plumber as the evil uncle. It was pretty good, although with the unavoidable sensation of having too much condensed into about 2 hours. This evening we also watched some home videos with Deb and the boys. It was fun to watch them with them. And also sad to see and hear their Dad interacting with them. It was sad and sobering to see how much they have lost in that father. At one point, four year old Trevor is showing off for the camera as his Dad videotapes him making noises with his armpits and knee joints. His dad says, jokingly, “Now that is a talented boy.” Then he adds, “I love you Trevor.” Trevor responds with a childish, “Why?” And his Dad says, “Because you are just so Trevorish, and because you are my friend.” It made me feel sad that I ever grow frustrated with Trevor.

Well, it is past my bedtime. We love you all.

P.S. The baby has been putting on quite the show for us yesterday and this morning! One of these times I really will need to get the camera out and try to capture it. 🙂 We can’t wait to see the baby. It is getting more exciting each day. 🙂

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