Jesse, it your ‘cup of tea’ brainwave quote seems like a hobbitish method as well. Remember, it was the job of Bilbo the burglar to ‘sit on the doorstep and think.’

I had Friday off from school because of Winchester’s Apple Blossom festival. It gave me a great chance to get some urgent non-school stuff done, to get some slightly urgent school stuff done, to putter away on a wood project I’m doing (not a square coffee mug), and to get in my requisite first sunburn of the year. Maybe I’ll make that an annual tradition, and broil lobsters for dinner, and see who is redder by the end of the day.

Today I have more of the same to occupy myself while Katie’s at work. The sun part won’t work, fortunately, because of the cloud cover.

I’ve been enjoying the spring immensely. Every day when I step out of our cave, I’m awestruck by the sunrise, the blue sky, the brilliant green trees and grass, and the white, pink, and yellow blossoms everywhere. Sometimes a morning mist coyly acts as a veil to make the beauty even more tantalizing. This has been my first real experience of April showers (Abbotsford’s April showers are indistinguishable from the other 11 months’), but it seems like the May flowers have already come and mostly gone.

I hope everyone is and stays well.


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