Lizz, send the stroller back. We had a rink-a-dink walker for Luke that I remember handling some concrete stairs in our house in Taiwan very handily. What kinda worthless junk can’t even take on an escalator!? 😉

Kate, glad to hear the mushrooms got put to some use.

Finished up final exams yesterday. Found out I got the highest grade in the class on the Human Factors final, although with the tests they give that’s not a guarantee of an A. The thermo final was very bad but hopefully everyone else did poorly as well. It’s so strange to be finished after all that agony. I went and worked for Mr. Saxe eight hours today. They’re in the process of moving to Bishop’s Glen (an assisted living place). I need to do some serious packing here myself to be ready for my own move. There are so many things I have to do between now and Sunday. Ah, me.

Jess, your mangrove is putting out its first tiny little new leaves. It’s so cute.

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