Two down, two to go. The Human Factors is over!! The grade’ll be touch and go. I aced both of the satellite finals, though. Good to go out of the last Helfrick class with a bang.

I signed up for a Google mail account today. That’s the one that is supposed to be the horrible flaming end to all privacy in the e-mail world. However, I’ve never been under the impression that e-mail was particularly private and having an archived, searchable stash of all e-mails sounds pretty appealing to me. As for Google scanning my mail to target advertising links and websites of interest, I don’t give a darn. May as well see banner adds that might conceivably be of interest as the dumb adds that come up on Yahoo. Also, they’re working on a POP version that’ll be available off line. It’s not available to the general public yet, but any of you who want to be guinea pigs can join through home page if you haven’t already.

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