You’re widely admired by others and successful. Why wouldn’t a couple rotten old sinful professors hate your guts? 🙂

The weather is so warm and beautiful. Everything is so blossomy and green. That and reading your post, Kevin, makes me recall so many of the feelings I always had at the end of a school year (except my “senior” year, ironically). Just thinking about your next few days – your final days – makes me actually feel nervous and excited! We’ll be praying for you. I do have work to do, thank goodness, or I might get so nervous just thinking about the few things you have left to face in the next few days, that I’d have to go throw myself on the sunny lawn and file my fingernails or something.

Joel and Katie, did you know anyone who might have been affected by that tornado in Illinois? I just thought maybe you would, since it wasn’t too, too far from Chicago. ~E

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